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The Stanier 8F Locomotive Society Limited Registered Charity No 261751

The Stanier 8F Locomotive Society was formed as the '8F Preservation Society' at the end of steam on British Railways in 1968 to preserve one of the Stanier 8F 2-8-0 locomotives. It was successful in saving locomotive, No 48773, LMS No 8233.

The locomotive is normally based on the Severn Valley Railway. It has previously been seen hauling charter trains in different parts of the UK on the main line network and it has made visits to other preserved railways.

Our locomotive was built in 1940 by North British to serve the War Department during the Second World War and it has had an interesting and varied history since.

Membership of the Society is available here. One of the benefits is the Society magazine, Black Eight. Members are also regularly updated through the Black Eight Newsletter which carries up to date information.

Magazine previews!

Read three of the articles that feature in the most recent ‘Black Eight’ society magazine, as well as historical articles from past editions available here.

Also listen to a recording of the Stanier 8F Locomotive Society History, by  President Ian Moss and Director Bill Murray.  Here

The next AGM is on the 26th May 2018 at the Engine House, Highley.

The engine is currently at the Engine House at Highley Station, on the Severn Valley Railway.

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