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The Stanier 8F Locomotive Society Limited Registered Charity No 261751

 Donation Information

To get 48773 back into traffic it is estimated that over £1 million will be required. To help bring this closer to fruition and bring the overhaul closer to a start the Society have agreed to make a substantial contribution of £200,000. To make this happen we now need to make a big effort to add to the existing overhaul appeal fund. We can all play our part.

How you can help

Subscribe to the “£8 for an 8F” monthly denotation scheme.

You can do this by simply setting up a standing order to the Society. Payments of £8 (or more if you wish) to be made to:

Stanier 8F Locomotive Society Ltd

Sort Code 56.00.18

Account number 08154112

Donate to the Overhaul Appeal Fund when you shop online at no extra cost to you.

The Society has signed up to Easyfundraising Limited who will donate between 0.5% and 1.5% of everything you spend online. Sign up at and set up the reminder button once you’ve signed up and selected the Society as your chosen cause. Then order your goods as before by finding your items or website from easyfundraising.

Leave a bequest in your will.

Please take a look at the information in our leaflet by clicking this link, which contains information about leaving a bequest to the Society. This information was correct at the time of writing.

Make a one-off donation.

If you would like to make a one-off donation rather than through the “£8 for an 8F” scheme, please use the same bank details as above.

Purchase something from our sales stand.

Our sales stand is often at various events, so when you see the stand take a few minutes and have a browse!

Thank you for your valuable support.